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White sage originates from south-west part of USA. It has long stems and grows on sunny dry fields. From centuries sage is used as a incense in various ceremonies – from which it received its surname – ceremonial sage.

Plant posses not only scent values but also healing ones. Native Americans treated cough and cold using sage. They also were adding sage to healing baths. Smoke from sage was used for disinfection of houses and cleaning the air.

Perfectly cleaned space free us from evil powers, bad emotions and unfavorable influences from outside. It also helps with casting out unwanted spirits and low energies from houses and surroundings. Sage also has germicidals properties. If we feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed with problems or we are often sick, its worth to do aura cleaning ritual using white sage.

Sage helps to achieve longevity. Indian sage carried in purple bag helps with gaining wisdom. According to beliefs it brings might, wisdom, clever mind. Sage wonderful scent favors feeling of immortality and helps to obtain access to deep spiritual wisdom.


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